A Versatile Necklace

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I have always been fond of versatile objects. A glowing toothbrush, a cherry smelling pencil (smencil), a reversible blouse or bag can make me happy like a kid with an ice cream cone.

So whenever I create a piece of jewelry there is always this tickling desire in me to make it multifunctional, in a way. Whenever I am making a long necklace I try to make it look equally beautiful when worn as a choker or as a bracelet. Why not even move some beads around and wear the jewelry backwards for a more minimal or boho look.


Blue Cord Butterfly Charm ChokerBlue Cord Butterfly Charm Choker












This is one of my most recent cord necklaces.

It started as a minimal butterfly choker but then I couldn’t resist myself and added one more bead (the glass eye) for extra length and fun.

I left the butterfly bead free on the cord so that it can be moved around.

This way whenever I am in a more boho mood I can wear the choker backwards as a necklace ;).


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