Durable And Long Lasting Jewelry

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If you have a metal sensitivity or simply don’t want to wear metal chains and want a lasting jewelry read further.

At the beginning of my journey as a jewelry maker I made my friend Dani a gift – a long necklace of turquoise beads hand knotted on a black synthetic beading cord.

When I met Dani a year later the necklace was unrecognizable. The black cord had turned light grey and the turquoise beads were dull blue in color. It turned out Dani seldom took the necklace off. She was wearing it in bed, in the shower, at the beach… This was a natural habit for her and something completely new to me.

When one day my hubby asked for a simple cord necklace and a bracelet, which he would never have to take off, I had a chance to experiment with different materials.

So here is what I found out:

Leather doesn’t last much. After only several months it would look pretty worn-out.

Nylon cord, although very durable, doesn’t age nicely (in my opinion).

Silk cord is very gentle and stretches and breaks quite quickly.

Finally, my favorite material – the waxed cotton cord. I like it for so many reasons. It is a natural fiber, very pleasant to the skin. It is very strong and durable and doesn’t stretch. As for the color, I love the way this cord ages. The color changes slightly, but never looks old or shabby.

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In the first picture you can see a set of three bracelets that have been worn for quite some time. From the three only the grey cotton one (in the middle) is as good as new :).

In the second picture you can see the old cotton bracelet and two new ones – a triple leather and a hematite bracelets. After only a couple of months the leather bracelet has started to look a bit worn-out. As for the hematite, it is a very durable gemstone.

In the third picture you can see the simple cotton cord necklace after more than two years of constant wear. It looks pretty good, don’t you think? As for the clear quartz, it is gorgeous and will last forever.

Although I like the waxed cotton and use it quite often in my jewelry, my hubby prefers the leather, so I guess I’ll be making more of these leather bracelets :).

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