February Zea Fast

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Every February after full moon I do a 10 day spiritual fast. For me it is a time for physical, emotional and mental cleansing. Every day I consume 100g of soaked Zea, 3 apples, 9 walnuts, 3ts of honey and water. I start my day with a cup of the liquid from the Zea, then I do some Yoga and meditation and after that I go on with my day, mindful about everything I feel, think, say and do. In addition to the fast this year I decided to incorporate a form of creative chromotherapy. Every day, according to the color that corresponds to the day of the week, I will make a piece of jewelry that I will wear during that day. Creation has always been a form of meditation for me, so I can’t think of a better time to do this project.

february zea fast

For more information on the fast read here.

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