Long White Coral Necklace

beads: White Coral Chips 7-10mm, Freshwater Pearls 3-5mm
findings: 925 Sterling silver flower lock
thread: white synthetic thread
necklace length: 59cm
product code: E085

Pearls help in the search for higher wisdom and truth. They will absorb negative energy from anyone who wears them, then help that person to see and deal with the truth of self.

Coral is said to increase fertility and regulate menstruation. Coral is a good stone for ailments of the bones and blood such as arthritis and anemia. Also benefits the cleansing organs and thymus. Helps battle mental illnesses.

Throat, 5th chakra




Coral Pearl Necklace

This Long White Necklace features natural freshwater pearls and white coral chips hand knotted on a gentle white beading thread. The necklace is finished off with a beautiful hand wired silver flower clasp.
So pretty and elegant! Makes a wonderful gift too!

Handmade with love and care in Athens, Greece.